Best Lee Jong Suk Dramas, On His 32nd Birthday: From Pinocchio To W

Lee Jong Suk Best Dramas to Watch

Lee Jong Suk is commemorating his 32 birthday celebration today, and also therefore, we chose to share the list of the very best dramas fromLee Jong Suk The fresh transformed 32-year old is well-known for his remarkable face framework and also striking elegance. Apart from this, Lee Jong Suk has actually taken care of to collect fangirls from all around the world. As an outcome, the star most definitely covers the ‘Favorite Oppa’ checklists of lots of. However, his appearances are not the just highest quality. The Pinocchio star has actually shown several times that he is just one of the very best South Korean stars. His jobs- dramas and also movies- are most certainly a hit. Hence, we chose to share the listing of the very best Lee Jong Suk dramas.

Lee Jong Suk was born upon September 14, 1989, in Yongin,South Korea The star and also design made his launching with the brief movie Sympathy, which appeared in 2005. But, did you understand that besides being an unbelievable star and also design, Lee Jong Suk was likewise a rap artist under SM Entertainment? Lee was a rap artist in an idolizer team, ‘ Real,’ however he gave up after 3 years.

Lee Jong Suk Best Dramas To Watch

He acquired appeal with his assistance function in the 2010 hitdrama Secret Garden But, Lee’s occupation increased in 2012. After his looks as the leading man, the star started obtaining even more interest. So, are you prepared to take a look at the listing of Lee Jong Suk’s best dramas?

1. Romance Is a Bonus Book

Romance Is a Bonus Book was Lee’s last job prior to his separation to theMilitary But, the star made certain to provide his followers with among the very best dramas from his occupation. The 2019 charming funny-drama shows the tale in between Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) and also Kang Dan-Yi (Lee Na-Young). Cha Eun Ho is the youngest and also most good-looking editor-in-chief in a posting firm. Meanwhile, Kang Dan-Yi utilized to be a popular copywriter, today she is separated, living as a solitary mom.

In order to obtain a task severely, Kang Dan-Yi exists concerning her history and also obtains a placement in Cha Eun-Ho’s firm. However, both have an old link, and also a love establishes as they learn more about each various other. The various other personalities play a just as crucial function in boosting the love, while some attempt to damage Eun-Ho and also Dan-Yi apart. Between every one of this, Romance is a Bonus Book that will certainly make you laugh and also fall for publications.

Lee Jong Suk Best Dramas

Lee Jong Suk in Romance is a Bonus Book

The drama originates from Lee Jeong Ho (The Good Wife, Crash Landing On You), and also Jung Hyun Jung (Five Enough, Lovestruck In The City) creates the manuscript. The tvN original is likewise readily available to stream onNetflix Watch it here. 

2. Pinocchio

We can not make a checklist of ‘Lee Jong Suk Best Drama’ and also not consist of Pinocchio The 2014 drama permitted us to see Jong-Suk as a worn-out yet smart reporter. Lee plays Choi Da-Po, an average-looking however smart and also sharp newbie reporter. On the various other Park Shin Hye stars as Choi In-Ha, the optimistic reporter of the firm. Acting as a premium, her group of newbie staff members consists of Choi Da-Po, Seo Bum Jo, and alsoYoon Yoo Rae With like progressing in between Choi Da-Po and also Choi In-Ha, occasions from the previous lead both reporters to scuff even more concerning their link as they strive to decipher crucial tales.

Park Shin-Hye and also Lee Jong-Suk’s cooperation for the lead pair won lots of hearts and also honors. Hence, you can not manage to miss out onPinocchio From the contacting acting to its OST, Pinocchio is most certainly among the very best dramas from South Korea.

The manuscript is composed by Park Hye Run (Start- up, I Hear Your Voice). And the instructions credit scores most likely to Jo Soo-Won (Awaken, Thirty But Seventeen). You can watch Pinocchio on Netflix, Rakuten Viki, We TELEVISION, Apple TELEVISION, and also on SBS.

3. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is one of the most distinct drama you can ever before encounter. Two individuals- Nam Hong Ju (Bae Suzy) and also Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) establish the capacity to understand about the great and also poor points which will certainly take place in the future. Jung Chae-In is a newbie district attorney. Meanwhile, Nam Hong Ju runs a tiny dining establishment with her mommy.

One day, Jung Jae Chan, that lives throughout from Hong Ju’s home, has a feeling that she will certainly enter into a mishap. However, he likewise sees that Lee Yoo Beom, a terrible lawyer, will certainly likewise belong of the problem. While attempting to conserve Hong-Ju, Jae- chan winds up conserving Han Woo Tak, a young law enforcement agents, also. After the occurrence, the 3 beginning having desires concerning each various other and also end that their lives have actually been laced in some way. The tale moves on as the 3 started to adapt to their brand-new lives. Also, you will certainly reach see Bae Suzy and also Jong-Suk’s lovely love. So, do not lose out. It is readily available on Netflix, Viki, We TELEVISION, and also Apple TELEVISION.

While You Were Sleeping drama is likewise composed byPark Hye Run However, it is guided by Oh Choong Hwan (Hotel Del Luna, My Love From The Star). Fun Fact: Oh Choong-Hwan is likewise routing the upcoming Lee Jong Suk drama Big Mouth

4. W

Do you like comics? Do you like webtoons? Do you like Lee Jong Suk? Then make certain to watch W Just like the title, the drama’s story is likewise distinct. The drama starts with Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyun Joo) entering a genuine webtoon globe after trying to find her daddy. As quickly as she gets in the webtoon globe, W, she locates a male covered in blood. Later, she is familiar with that Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) is the protagonist of his daddy’s webtoon. Furthermore, the only method for her to go back to the real life relies on Kang Cheol’s sensations. Jeong Dae Yun (She was Pretty, I’m Not A Robot) helmed the drama, and also Song Jae Jung (Memories of Alhambra) created the movie script.

Lee Jong Suk Best Dramas

W: Two Worlds

What will take place when a human engages with a webtoon personality? The tale unravels as Oh Yeon Joo and also Kang Cheol learn more about each various other. More personalities boost the enjoyable in the program with their duties. You can watch the program here on Netflix. 

5. School 2013

We needed to consist of School 2013 in the listing. The drama brought Lee Jong Suk to the spotlight and also was likewise the drama that obtained him the ‘Best New Actor Award. The “School” series is one of the most popular drama franchises in South Korea, and many stars wish to star in the leading role. With Kim Woo-bin acting as the second lead, Lee Jong Suk portrayed the role of a messy school teenager perfectly. Although the show focused on two other males, Lee Jong Suk made sure to attract all the attention.

For his role in School 2013, Lee Jong Suk was included in the list of “Actors who lip up 2013.” Therefore, School 2013 is a must if you are a true Lee Jong Suk fan. Also, it’ s great to begin with the start. Jung Na Ra likewise stars in the drama.

Lee Eung Bok and also Lee Min Hong guided the drama, whereas Go Jung Won and also Lee Hyun Joo jotted down the manuscript. Lastly, you can watch Scool 2013 on Viki, Apple Tv, and also Kocowa.

Honorable Mentions

Lee Jong Suk has actually likewise belonged of lots of various otherdramas And it is vital to place them in a various classification. Start with Secret Garden, where you will certainly see a various side ofLee Jong Suk he played a wanton artist ‘Sun’ in the program. Also, you will certainly be enjoyed see his old self given that he had actually become the adorable however warm Oppa all of us understand today.

Lee Jong Suk Best Dramas

Lee Jong Suk in Secret Garden (cr: Youtube)

Consisting of 6 episodes, The Hymn Of Death is an additional drama on this listing. Filled with feelings, the drama is based upon truth tale of Kim Woo Jin and alsoYun Shim Deok Lastly, we have I Hear Your Voice, which is an additional hit fromLee Jong Suk The star plays Park Soo Ha, s a 19-year old child that can review minds. The secret thriller will certainly blow your mind with its distinct story, excellent performing, and also superb songs.

Now, that we are made with the listing, expect seeing Lee Jong Suk in 2 brand-new dramas- Big Mouth and alsoJade Lovers

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