New York Post columnist Miranda Devine traced the roots of political elites’ corruption Friday on “Fox News Primetime.”

“Joe Biden internationalized what has really been a disease in Washington of influence-peddling,” she told guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy. “Joe Biden was a past master of it in Delaware and with his very powerful positions in the Senate. And then, of course, he internationalized it when he became vice president.”   


Devine highlighted news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., has had ties to five companies that federal agencies investigated. Similarly, Devine said his mother has “enriched herself” by choosing stocks in companies over which she had regulatory authority.

“And Nancy Pelosi, when this was raised in Congress, came out and said, ‘Oh, it’s a free market, and we’re entitled to do what we like’,” Devine said.

“They are shameless, the Democrats in particular but … Republicans are also involved in this,” she continued. “They’re absolutely shameless in their refusal to be accountable. You don’t go into Congress to enrich yourself, but this is what so many of these people have done.” 

“It’s really disgusting,” she added.

The author then highlighted politicians’ hypocrisy in “lecturing other countries about corruption when [they]’re behaving in the same or worse fashion.”

Such hypocritical corruption is “commonplace,” Devine observed.

“You don’t give the money to the powerful person. You give the money to, what in China, are called princelings,” she said. They are “the sons, sometimes daughters of powerful people, of the oligarchs, of the rulers.”

“And you give the money to them because you’re wanting to curry favor with their father or their mother, in Pelosi’s case,” she concluded.