Did Lee Harris Kill Dana Feitler? Where is He Now?

The 1989 murder of a young Dana Feitler from the Gold Coast community of Chicago, Illinois, was a media experience at the time. The 24-year-old was discovered shot to fatality in a deserted street a lengthy method off from her residence in what the authorities later on discovered was a break-in. After a couple of months of examination, Lee Harris, a cops source popular to the division, was jailed for the murder and also at some point founded guilty. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Reasonable Doubt: A $25000 Performance’ considers Lee’s insurance claims of virtue and also the irregular declarations that he made to the authorities at the time. So, allow’s learn what occurred after that, shall we?

Did Lee Harris Kill Dana Feitler?

Sometime after twelve o’clock at night on June 18, 1989, Dana was drawn from the entrance hall of her house in Chicago by 3 males. They led her to an ATM and also required her to take out $400 in 2 installations that occurred at around 1:50 am. Then, the males required Dana right into a street lots of blocks far from her house and also fired her execution-style in the rear of her head. She was discovered at around 2:30 pm on the very same day, resulting in a complicated examination.

At the moment, the instance was called a “heater case” due to its influence on the citizens. The authorities were under enormous stress to resolve it as promptly as they could. They relied on Lee Harris, a cops source that had actually assisted them in the past by tipping off info pertaining to various other murder situations. Lee was greater than participating yet stated that he informed the authorities whatever info they fed to him since he desired the incentive that the family members supplied in the event.

While Lee informed the authorities that he met the 3 males, his tale maintained transforming throughout the examination. He frequently supplied contrasting declarations pertaining to the occasions of that evening. His attorney, Jennifer Blagg, claimed, “There is nothing linking Lee Harris to this case except Lee Harris statements which police told him what to say on his way to the station.” At that factor, the 3 males were not jailed and also were never ever determined either. According to Jennifer, various other prospective leads were never ever adhered to up to look for authenticity.

Furthermore, Richard Zuley, among the investigators functioning the Dana Feitler murder instance, was later on accused of doubtful techniques of examination that consisted of tormenting prisoners atGuantanamo Bay Lee specified that Richard assured him the incentive, “Oh, he would say it regular[ly]. And like I said, when I got ready to pull out when I felt something go wrong, he would say, ‘Lee, don’t worry, I got you. You’re a few steps closer to this money. I’m going to make sure you get it.’” Later, the found guilty in one more instance that Richard belonged of in 1990 was likewise exonerated.

Where is Lee Harris Now?

Despite no physical proof attaching Lee to the criminal offense, he was founded guilty of murder, heist, and also exacerbated kidnapping in March 1992. Among the proof provided were Lee’s declarations that his protection claimed were inconsistent– a jail prisoner that declared Lee informed him the names of 2 of the 3 males, and also an eyewitness that was not definitely certain that she saw Lee on the road that evening. Then 36-years-old, Lee was punished to 60 years for the murder and also an added 30 years for the various other 2 fees.

However, Lee has actually constantly preserved his virtue. Regarding his sentence, he claimed, “I’ve been unjustly convicted of a crime I had no part in. I trusted the wrong people. And the thanks I got was a 90-year prison sentence.” His kid and also close friends remain to defend his launch. But since today, Lee continues to be jailed at Pontiac Correctional Center in Livingston County,Illinois His predicted parole day is February 2034.

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