Oppo Has Teased A Smartphone With Rollable OLED Screen That Is Titled Oppo X 2021

In today’s modern era, a lot of smartphones are regularly releasing with new features and updates that are really blowing everyone’s mind, and these unbelievable updates and releases are definitely a requirement of the modern world. All the tech giants throughout the globe are coming up with new updates in one or another way, and now one such Chinese tech giant Oppo has come up with its own Oppo X 2021, and this smartphone is going to be a complete game-changer.

If you are one of those prudent tech geeks that never leaves a chance to know about every new innovation that takes place throughout the globe, then this article is definitely for you. The evolution of phones from the last couple of decades was imaginable. And here we have Oppo X, the 2021 version. They show the new concept phone in 2021, for those of you who don’t know that Oppo is a tech giant in China. The launch of Oppo x (The Concept Phone of 2021) took place in between the company’s Innovation Day event in Shenzhen in China last week.

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Oppo Has Teased A Smartphone With Rollable OLED Screen That Is Titled Oppo X 2021

We would really like to tell you all that with the great innovation team of Oppo’s R&D, the Oppo smartphone is fully flexible. This smartphone is the latest innovation for the company to date. The patent was filled way earlier for this flexible and rollable, structural stacking smartphone to maintain the decorum. When this patent was filed by the company, it was one of their biggest victories, and we can honestly say that as soon as this smartphone releases, it will be a complete game-changer in the global market and can prove to be very fruitful for the company.

This new yet concept smartphone is a mixture of three technologies: Oppo’s self-developed warp high strength track, the astonishing 2 in 1 plate, and the powerhouse of all the rollable motor power train. This phone’s screen size is a whopping 7.4 inches as its maximum, but nevertheless, you can make it shorter to 6.7 inches or even 4 inches by just rolling according to your ease. With the great rollable technology company remains as it was earlier to the high class of OLED display.

Oppo Has Teased A Smartphone With Rollable OLED Screen That Is Titled Oppo X 2021

What’s new? If this question comes up in your mind. The answer is there are phones in the market that sort of bend like Oppo’s earlier smartphone released this year or from the king of this market, Samsung. You can check out some photos right above or even below and check out that it is quite impressive for the modern times users to see the rolling and adaptation of the forthcoming screen is quite quick, which do not tends to increase a bit of resilience.

Well, if you think the screen might break by rolling and unrolling, again and again, you are absolutely wrong as according to officials at Oppo, they have tried and tested the rollable screen for more than one lakh times, and hence they are ready with an all-news latest and completely mind-blowing smartphone. You can check some photos below of the same below. The company officials have not declared the price of the smartphone. Moreover, they don’t even tell the estimate at which Oppo X 2021 will set its marks to the ground in the market next year.

But according to our team’s research, the price will be about more than the iPhone 12 Pro max. It can be as high as USD 1500 or even more than this, but you don’t have to worry about that; as soon as some official announcements are made regarding the price, we will update that on this site. Not only this, Oppo has even revealed some other mind-blowing tech gadgets that we will be revealed in our upcoming posts as our team here at Otakukart have a motive of providing all the latest news related to the tech and entertainment sector to our readers.

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